About Retro Coin Auction

Scene at the coin auction

Retrocoin holds floor auctions twice a year, mainly in Yokohama and Tokyo. The auction mainly focuses on collectible coins in beautiful condition in a wide range of prices, from 1,000 yen to over 10 million yen.
Another feature of the Retro Coin Auction is that it focuses on items that have been guaranteed by popular third-party appraisers such as PCGS and NGC.

And now, we obtain a new feature « ONLINE BIDDING ». As long as you have the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and a stable internet environment, you can feel free to participate through your mobile device from home or on the go.

The origin of the auction goes back to ancient times, and it is said that in ancient Rome, loot was auctioned. Sotheby's and Christie's, the long-established modern auction houses that originated in England in the 18th century, are now well-known auction houses. In addition to paintings and other works of art, the main items handled are watches and wine. It is also surprising that auctions are held almost every day.
The real thrill of a public auction is that the price is the highest for the seller and the lowest price for the buyer, and the trading and price establishment mechanism is rational and easy to understand. Even in the world of collectible coins, it has become a popular trading method, and in particular rare items that lack market data are often traded through auctions, which can be said to be a valuable opportunity to encounter rare items.

In addition, research on the accumulation and transition of auction successful bid results has become the basis for reliable market information, and the existence of auctions, also called bidding, has become an integral part of our lives.

An auction is also a place to meet rare and strange items. In the past, we have handled the following coins, so please let us know. The contract price and the coin listed are past auction items. The reference price and the listed coin will be the auction item to be held from now on.

Coin Auction Coins Group

Japan Old 5 Yen Gold Coin Meiji 5 PCGS-MS67 Winning Price 960,000 Yen

Gold coin of topic now, top rank product. It is a brand with very few opportunities to line up in stores. That should be it, there are only 7 pieces of MS67 rank products of this brand (As of PCGS April 2023) . Not only does it have few scratches such as bag marks suitable for recording the highest rank, but it is noteworthy that even now, more than 150 years after its manufacture, it still retains the brilliance of when it was first issued. The real pleasure of opening an auction catalog is to come across high-end items that can be said to be in excellent condition.

Coin Auction Example of coins to be auctioned no1

Japan New 1 Yen Silver Coin Meiji 18 PCGS-MS64PL Winning Price 780,000 Yen

A dish with a striking contrast between the beautifully blacked-out flat portion and the vivid silver-white convex portion. A stunning round silver with a polished mirror finish. It is presumed to be a so-called early stamped silver coin stamped with a brand new sharp hallmark. The evaluation rank is MS64, which is slightly above UNC, but its presence with the evaluation symbol of "PL", which means proof-like, has an impact that surpasses the high rank. It is an impressive piece that was vigorously competed as if to express gratitude and respect to those who submitted it.

Coin Auction Example of coins to be auctioned no2

UK 5 pound gold coin 1887 NGC-PF61 Ultra Cameo Reference price 4,500,000 yen

We have just introduced a wonderful Yen silver that has been certified as proof-like, but this is a genuine « PROOF », not a « LIKE ». This is a special limited edition piece that is intended to be presented to distinguished guests. It's a pity that there are some threads, but as it is certified as UltraCameo, the contrast of the uneven part of the stamping is noteworthy. The portrait of the noble Queen Victoria can be enjoyed in such a three-dimensional manner, which I think is the charm of a proof. This item is scheduled to be exhibited at the auction on June 10, 2023.

All of the coins introduced above are valuable, and are gems with high historical, economic and artistic value. Being able to own such items privately is the real pleasure of coin collection. At Retro Coin Auction, regardless of the price, we will do our best to handle a piece that will capture the hearts of our customers.
If you are interested, please take a look at our online catalog first.