How to Sell

How to Sellの風景

Those who want to exhibit

  1. Consignment
    If you wish to exhibit at our auction, please fill in all the necessary items on the exhibition application form and send it to us together with the exhibit (please contact us if you wish to receive directly).
    Please make sure to keep a copy of the exhibition application form as a copy and send it by "registered mail" or "courier service with insurance". In the unlikely event that an unexpected situation occurs during transportation, we cannot take any responsibility.
    If there are any deficiencies in the contents of the exhibition application form, and it is impossible for us to make a judgment, and if we are unable to confirm the deficiencies with the exhibitor, we may not be able to accept the exhibition.
    We will issue a receipt for the items we have entrusted to you.
  2. Grading
    In principle, items to be exhibited that have not been appraised by a third party will be graded by PCGS or NGC. After the grading work is completed, we will inform you of the appraisal results together with a provisional reference price.
    Please note that the grading service requires a certain amount of time. It may not be in time for the next auction or it may take more time. Please note that.
  3. Appraisal editorial meeting
    Items to be exhibited will be confirmed and reviewed by an appraisal meeting consisting of our company and outside experts, and we will inform you of the scheduled auction. We may postpone the listing for some reason, including duplication of the listing content.
  4. Auction
    As soon as the auction ends, we will notify you of the results. At the same time, we will publish the results on our website.
  5. Settlement of successful bid price
    Within 30 days after the end of the auction, we will prepare and report the detailed statement, and remit the amount after deducting the following fees by the method desired by the exhibitor.

    Exhibit fee 3,300 yen (per item) Includes miscellaneous expenses such as appraisal costs. *Subject to change without notice
    Successful bid fee 11% of winning bid (including consumption tax)
    Unsuccessful bid fee 5.5% of the successful bid price (free if you leave the lowest price to us)

    About payment amount
    Example) In the case of a successful bid price of 100,000 yen
    1. Contract price 100,000 yen
    2. Successful bid fee (11%) 11,000 yen
    3. Exhibit fee 3,300 yen (including slab fee)
    4. Total amount 85,700 yen
  6. Items handled
    Japanese coins (excluding cash coins pre-Meiji and Han-Satsu), Japanese banknotes, Foreign currency, and other items specified by our company
    Basically, we will put all items in a slab case or attach an appraisal and put them up for auction.
    Please contact us if you have any questions about selling. While viewing the actual item, our staff will provide detailed information, including whether or not there are merits to exhibiting. We travel nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa.