How to Buy

How to Buyの風景

Those who want to bid

  1. Registration
    Membership registration is required to participate in the auction. For membership registration, please submit your identity verification documents (data attached), and we will proceed to the main registration with the approval of the operator. Since registration takes time, please apply by the day before the auction (during our business hours).
  2. Documents that are valid as identity verification documents
    Driver's license / Pension book / Certificate of seal impression / Copy of resident record / Certificate of items recorded in resident record / Passport / My number card / Resident card / Special permanent resident certificate
    *The same address as registered is required
  3. Catalog delivery and viewing
    We have printed catalogs and online catalogs with color illustrations of all the items on display.
    If you would like a printed catalog and have not yet registered with us, please contact us with your name, postal address, telephone number, and e-mail address ( if you have ).
  4. Participation in preview
    We hold previews in various places where you can directly check the details of the exhibits.
    We operate on a reservation-only basis so that customers can calmly view the exhibits (except for previews on the day of the auction). Please make your reservation as soon as possible.
    In addition, even if you cannot come to the preview, our experts can find out the information you want to know.
  5. Pre-bid
    Those who find it difficult to participate on the day of the auction can also participate in the auction.
    It is possible to bid from the online catalog and participate using the "advance bid application form" at the end of the catalog.
    Bids with an amount less than 70% of the expected successful bid price will not be accepted. Please fill out the necessary information and send it to us so that it arrives at our company by the deadline for bidding. In particular, please note that regular mail takes time to arrive.
  6. Auction
    On the day of the auction, in addition to the above-mentioned advance bidding, there are three ways to participate: direct participation at the venue, live auction participation via the Internet, and telephone participation.
    Please be sure to read the auction terms before participating.
    • Direct participation at the venue
      After registering at the reception, you will be given a paddle with your bid number printed on it. In principle, the auction will proceed in order of lot number. The auctioneer will read out the lot number and starting price, and see which participant raises the paddle. If multiple paddles are raised, the auctioneer will increase the price. If you wish to bid, please raise your paddle and present your intention to purchase to the auctioneer. When there is only one person left with the paddle raised, the amount read out by the auctioneer will be the successful bid price, and the person with the paddle raised will be the winning bidder.
    • Participate in a live auction
      Please register for participation from our website by the day before the auction, and log in when the auction starts to participate.
      The live auction screen displays the lot number currently being auctioned, the current price, and Your Next BID (next price). If you would like to purchase at the following prices, please click the PLACE BID button. If it becomes your right, Your Bid will be displayed in the current price column. After the Fair Warning is displayed, the successful bidder will be confirmed.
    • Participate by phone
      Our staff will connect the auction site and the customer by phone, and have them participate in the auction in real time. We will call you about 10 lots before the relevant lot. Participation conditions are to be able to connect by phone on the day of the auction, to complete the application at least 3 days before the auction, and to request a lot that is expected to have a successful bid price of 100,000 yen or more. We regret to inform you that we may not be able to meet your request due to limited telephone lines.
  7. Payment and delivery
    After the auction ends, we will promptly prepare a successful bid result table and an invoice.
    Participating customers will be sent an invoice and a list of result if there is a successful bid, and if unfortunately there is no successful bid, a list of result will be sent. For customers who have registered for our online service, we will send it by e-mail, and for other customers, we will send it by postal letter by the day after the auction.
    The successful bid price including handling fee must be paid within 10 days from the date of the auction by cash, transfer to our designated bank account, or remittance by registered mail in Japanese yen. The amount to be paid will be the successful bid price plus 10% of the successful bid fee, consumption tax (10% of the successful bid fee), and delivery insurance fee.

    About payment amount
    Example) In the case of a successful bid price of 100,000 yen
    • Contract price 100,000 yen
    • Successful bid fee (11%) 11,000 yen
    • Shipping insurance fee 500 yen
    • Total amount 111,500 yen

    We accept delivery of successful bid items by the following methods.
    Takeaway on the day of the Auction will start from 14:30 (planned)
    Over-the-counter handover: We accept orders from 3 days after the auction date. Advance reservations are required, so please let us know when you plan to visit us.
    Shipment by our company : From 3 days after the auction date, after confirmation of payment, Any time